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Shanti Yoga  and Ayurveda 
by Jody Augustyn, ERYT, Ayurvedic Health Counselor
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With practice, our muscles lengthen and strenthen creating flexability.  This relieves pain througout the body.
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Benefits of Ashtanga-based Yoga
There are numerous reported and verified benefits of a yoga practice.  Increased flexibility, strength, improved balance,improved function of the feet, lower blood pressure, lower blood sugar, pain relief, proper functioning of  internal organs, and numerous other benefits.  Give it a try.  You will be glad you did.

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Using basic yoga postures, you will develop strength throughout your entire body.
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By lengthening and strengthening your muscles, balance begins to improve.  Improve your balance with a daily yoga practice.
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Foot Care
As the muscles of the feet are strengthened, foot pain subsides.
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Lower Blood Pressure
Pain Relief
Scientific research has determined a consistent yoga practice relieves stress and lowers blood pressure.
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Sciatic, lower back, hips...wherever your pain is, yoga takes care of it by lengthening, strengthening, and realigning your spine.
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Ashtanga based Yoga for families and friends --men, women, and children.

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